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Sintex’s PET division was established in 1998. The PET division manufactures preforms ranging from 11.6g to 33g. The preforms are widely uses for packaging chemicals, oils, alcoholic beverages, water, carbonated drinks, juices and more.

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The PCO preforms have four different sizes available, and each size has a different weight range. 

28mm neck – Recommended for alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, water, oil

Ranges from 17g – 32g

28mm short neck – Recommended for alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, water, oil

Ranges from 14.5g to 22.4g

30mm/25mm neck – Recommended for juice or water

Ranges from 12.6g to 33g

29mm/25mm neck – Recommended for juice or water

Ranges from 11.6g to 22.4g

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