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In a heartwarming gesture of support, Sintex Tank recently made a significant contribution to the Seva community, a charming island enclave nestled within the Volta region of Ghana. This community, boasting a population of over 5000 people whose primary sources of livelihood are fishing and the intricate art of Kente weaving, has long grappled with the challenge of inadequate water access, often relying on neighboring communities for their water needs.

Traditional Opening Prayer

The catalyst for this inspiring act of philanthropy was a documentary aired on Joyprime, which shed light on the community’s water struggles. Responding to their heartfelt plea, Sintex Tank stepped forward and generously donated three substantial 6000-litre lockable tanks to Seva, a crucial step toward safeguarding their precious water resources.

The donation ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished individuals, including a representative from Sintex Tank, the honorable Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey, Member of Parliament (MP) for the region, Assemblyman Wisdom Seade, revered local Chiefs, and the community’s esteemed members.

The event unfolded in a vibrant and engaging manner, featuring a warm welcome for the Sintex Tank delegation with a lively performance by the Lebene drama group. The proceedings included guest introductions, captivating dance and drama presentations by the talented Lebene Drama group, enlightening speeches by the community’s Chiefs, and insights from Sintex Tank representative, Ebenezer.

Sintex Rep. Ebenezer giving his speech.

Handover of the keys and Tanks to the PM

MP showing the community the Locks handed to him.

A pivotal moment of the occasion was the official handover of the tanks and locks to the Seva community, symbolizing the beginning of a new era in their quest for sustainable water access. This pivotal moment was marked by jubilation and heartfelt gratitude expressed by community leaders.

Crucially, the event also delved into the sustainability of these tanks and their effective utilization. Sintex Tank took the initiative to provide guidance on the proper setup of the tanks, pledging to undertake the inaugural filling once the tanks were in place.


To further enrich the experience, the event featured a delightful presentation of local cuisine and memorable photo sessions, capturing the spirit of collaboration and hope that permeated the occasion.

Sintex Tank’s benevolent gesture not only addresses the immediate water needs of Seva but also highlights their commitment to sustainable solutions, ensuring that these communities can thrive for generations to come.





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