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The recent Sintex Tank Agents Seminar was not just an event; it was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and shared success. Held at Kempinski Hotel on the 5th of March, the seminar brought together Sintex tank agents from across Ghana for a day filled with learning, networking, and inspiration.

Sintex DirectorThe seminar kicked off with a word of welcome address from Senior Management, and an update of where Sintex is now, and where Sintex is heading for the future. Sintex will shortly be opening a new state-of-the-art factory in Tema, allowing for increased output and expansion in the water tank market. As well the opening a factory in Tamale to expand its network in the Northern Regions and neighboring countries.

Agents also spoke about why they chose to be a Sintex Tank Agent; for theSintex Agents Seminar brand’s reliability and commitment to their partners, customers request, bespoke colour options, strength and durability of product, and the longest warranty of 7 years.

Award of excellence was given to agents, based on 2023 sales revenue and collection.

Akuma mama zimbi at Sintex Tank Agents Seminar

Sintex Brand Ambassador Akumaa Mama Zimbi was also in attendance and gave a speech on why she chose to be the brand ambassador of Sintex Tank, stating, “Sintex isn’t just another Water tank brand – it’s a promise of quality, reliability, and innovation.” Saying agents are not just selling tanks but “selling Peace of Mind to families and businesses across Ghana”. Also saying what sets Sintex apart from the rest – brand personality, saying,  “We’re not just a tank company; we’re a fun brand! From our ads to our playful social media presence and sustainability efforts, we’re all about bringing joy and laughter to our customers’ lives”. Encouraging agents to look towards the future with Sintex Tank, envisioning a world where every household in Ghana has access to clean and reliable water, every household has a Sintex Tank. “Sintex is building a brighter and more colorful future for Ghana – one tank, one smile, and one happy family at a time“.

As Sintex is partnered with the Ghana Plumbers Association, the CEO Mr Joshua gave a speech on the importance of good plumbing with Water Tanks. Sintex TankChairman, Ghana Plumbers Associationis the plumbers choice.

Excitingly, Sintex also revealed they will be soon launching the BIGGEST tank in the whole of West Africa, called the Sintex Max. The size will be revealed soon! Another future project is Sintex Pipes, which will be located alongside the new Tank factory in Tema Freezone.

In conclusion, the Sintex Tank Agents Seminar was a resounding success, bringing together agents from across Ghana to learn, connect, and celebrate their achievements. With a renewed sense of purpose and passion, agents are ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and continue to drive success for themselves and for Sintex.

Here’s to the future of water storage in Ghana – powered by the dedication and commitment of Sintex tank agents!



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