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Sintex, your trusted brand, was proud to be part of the vibrant celebration at the Joy FM Party in the Park held at the serene Aburi Botanical Garden on December 26th, 2023. Our presence added an extra dose of joy and excitement to this delightful event. We took part in the family fun day because SINTEX tank is for the family and the home and provides water storage for all families in Ghana, giving them good health and hygiene.

At the heart of the park festivities stood the Sintex Tank stand, buzzing with laughter and joy. Specially designed games catered to the little ones, bringing smiles and endless fun. Kids revelled in a lot of activities, from thrilling treasure hunts to creative endeavours like ‘Colour the Tortoise,’ ‘Spot the Difference,’ engaging ‘Word Search,’ and the ever-popular face painting!

face paintingExploring Excellence

While the kids indulged in the joyous games, parents had the opportunity to explore a showcase of Sintex Tanks and other top-notch products on display. Our on-ground representatives were present to provide insights and answer queries, ensuring everyone left informed and satisfied. The excitement soared as Sintex’s esteemed brand ambassador, the vibrant Akuma Mama Zimbi, immersed herself in the festivities. From joining in the face-painting activities to lighting up the dance floor, she added an extra sprinkle of life and enthusiasm to the lively atmosphere.

dance competition

Competitions and Rewards

The thrill continued with a captivating dance competition with everyone grooving to the beats. Winners walked away with two utility drums, while kids who showcased their skills and won various games were showered with beautiful toys and gifts, a testament to Sintex’s commitment to spreading joy and rewarding enthusiasm.

Connecting and Engaging

Beyond the games and activities, the event was an ideal platform for families to connect and engage. It offered a unique opportunity for parents to learn more about Sintex’s exceptional range of products while their little ones had a blast. Sintex’s participation in the Joy FM Party in the Park was more than just sponsorship; it was a commitment to creating moments of happiness and fostering a sense of community. By providing a space for families to bond, play, and learn, we reinforced our dedication to being a brand that values quality products and creates lasting memories.

The joyful experience at Aburi Botanical Garden on that sunny day was a testament to Sintex’s unwavering commitment to bringing joy, entertainment, and engagement to families. We look forward to more opportunities to spread cheer and connect with communities in the future.

If you need a tank for your family, choose SINTEX, get custom colours at no extra cost, call us on 0244 335168, or click here to order online. Visit our social media pages on @sintexghana on IG or Sintex Ghana on FB for more updates.


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